update πŸ”—

The update action updates the pull request against its base branch. It works by merging the base branch into the head branch of the pull request.


This action does not have any configuration option, therefore it takes an empty dictionary as configuration ({} in YAML).

  update: {}

Examples πŸ”—

↑ Linear History πŸ”—

As GitHub supports linear history in pull request settings, it is very handy to use a rule to keep your pull requests up-to-date. As you do not want to trigger your CI too often by always re-running it on every pull request β€” especially when there is still work in progress β€” you can limit this action to labeled pull requests.

  - name: automatic update for PR marked as β€œReady-to-Goβ€œ
      - -conflict # skip PRs with conflicts
      - -draft # filter-out GH draft PRs
      - label="Ready-to-Go"
      update: {}

When a pull request is not in conflict nor draft, and has the label Ready-to-Go, it will be automatically updated with its base branch.